R E V I E W S . . .

 “His timing in light play is instinctive and he has an innate understanding of the musicality of dance and stillness, a gift” 

   – Michael Whaites, Choreographer


“Like all good creatives Travis served the whole production. I would definitely work with him again”

   - Craig Illot, Director

“His maturity and experience has afforded him an excellent balance of artistry and practicality”

   - Crispin Taylor, Director 

“He takes our audiences on an emotional and visual journey. One of the best lighting designers in this country”

   - Ian Mackellar, Director 

"The lighting design by Travis Macfarlane is magical stuff.... light is used to create shifts between each of these complex stories.

The production values here are high"

   - Australian Arts Review

"Travis Macfarlane has given us a lighting plot that is integral to the storytelling... it provides movement and colour to what could otherwise, in lesser hands than his, be quite a static production. I can’t speak highly enough of his understanding of the text, and the emotional depth of his lighting. It’s quite extraordinary and integral to the overall excellence of the production"

   - Stage Whispers


"Macfarlane’s lighting was incredibly well done"

   - Press Review, Planet Arts Melbourne